Indulging Your Indoor Plant Obsession Without Harming Furry Friends

We recently welcomed a sassy little fuzz butt to the family. Her full name is Rolypoly Juniper, but we just call her Juniper.  She's cuddly, sweet and like all babies uses her mouth to explore the world. See gratuitous kitten pic.

Lilac Point Ragdoll Kitten on carpeted stairs looking at camera

Lucky for us we have a bonafide Crazy Cat Lady in our family, who pointed out the potential dangers for Juniper, and her mouthy habits, lurking in our house.  All at once, our previously loved greenery, took on a sinister kitten killer-like air.  

The biggest concern for us were the Peace Lilies, we had numerous. For a comprehensive list of plants and flowers to avoid I recommend checking out the RSPCA site. 

So my animal maiming plants were banished. I soon  realised in the technicolour sea of Lego, dirty socks and other kid paraphernalia, I really missed the occasional oasis of green my indoor plants provided.  Thus down the rabbit hole we went looking for plants that would be safe.  

Here are our top 3: 

1. Pilea

Apparently this houseplant is very easy to take care of, and if cats or doggos  munch on one of the leaves every now and then, there’s nothing to worry about. Bonus for keeping pileas...rumour has it they’re incredibly easy to propagate. 

2.Banana plant

We were surprised by this one, but we are going to give it a go! With its big, bright leaves, and fast growing speed it will draw the eye away from the unfinished craft projects in no time. 


With its bright, tropical looks and Fraggle tail like flowers (children of the 80's will understand), the bromeliad looks like it could be fickle and tricky.  Surprisingly, the plant is completely safe for your pets, and also very easy to care for. Bromeliads don’t need much water and enjoy a bright spot somewhere without direct sunlight. 

We'll be sure to update this post with how our new indoor plants fare.  It's actually been a nice excuse to buy more plants! ;) 

aerial view of bromeliad plant on timber floor boardspilea plant in small glass pot being held up by a handindoor room with banana plant on left and drop lamp on rightHot pink bromeliad flower