Gardening in itself is a relaxing, peaceful and reflective experience that adds brightness and colour to both outdoor and indoor spaces. But we can probably all agree that gardening requires more than just seeds, soil and water — you also need the garden accessories to go with it.

While high-quality garden accessories can be as simple as gloves or a watering can, finding the right tools to keep your green sanctuary alive is essential to maintain your little oasis.

Here at The Garden Gate, we have many accessories to make gardening more manageable, efficient and productive. Our range of garden accessories has been designed to help you find new ways to tackle common gardening problems and make life in the garden more enjoyable. If you have a green thumb, then you will love exploring our collection of garden planting accessories. Browse our range online today to see which tools will help bring your garden to life.

Potting shed garden accessories

Every gardener needs a place to store their garden accessories and tools, which is why potting sheds have never gone out of style. Picture a quiet place where you can relax, prepare for your gardening activities and store all your accessories, such as your herb labels and watering can.

Our potting shed garden accessories also include stainless steel trowels, perfect for filling cell trays without messy overflow when transplanting seedlings into pots or the garden.

Gardening gloves

A good pair of gardening gloves will save you from many unpleasant encounters you may experience when gardening. After all, nobody wants to prick their fingers on a rose bush or get soil stuck under their fingernails.

If you’re looking for an extra special pair of gardening gloves, our ultra-soft ladies' gardening gloves are made from hard-wearing fabric — so they won’t stiffen after drying and have a 2-way stretch mesh between fingers which improves dexterity.

Protect your fingers from dirt, blisters, splinters, and thorny plants today and try our range of gloves online.

Gardening storage and baskets

When it comes to neatly storing your gardening accessories and tools, your passion for gardening can sometimes feel like a chore. But with the right storage space and equipment, you can get back to enjoying what you really love — gardening!

The Garden Gate has a wide variety of gardening storage and baskets, perfect for storing your accessories and gardening tools. Keep your tools of the trade nicely organised and easily accessible for whenever you need to dig up some dirt! Our range includes a universal tool rack, wireless storage baskets and storage tins for all your seeds.

Kneelers and pads

We can all agree that getting on your hands and knees is part of the gardening experience, but this doesn’t mean we need to scrape and dirty ourselves in the process. This is why every gardener should have kneelers and pads in their arsenal.

A common misconception in the gardening community is that kneelers and pads are designed only for the elderly. But in fact, a garden kneeler is a good garden tool for gardeners of all ages. Browse our range of kneelers and pads online.


Like gardening gloves, we also need to cover and protect our clothes from being soiled by, you guessed it, soil! Not only do aprons keep us clean, but they’re a helpful gardening accessory that allows us to tote around our essential tools and other items like a bottle of water or snacks. Let’s face it — gardening is a messy job, so shop our range of durable but stylish aprons today.

Shop our garden accessories online

When shopping for high-quality garden accessories online, you’ll find everything you need at The Garden Gate. Our accessories are sure to improve your gardening skills and experience, and we hope that our wide range will inspire you to grow and care for your garden. Shop garden accessories online today at The Garden Gate — plus, if you spend over $150, you’ll receive free shipping and a free gift at checkout. If you have any questions, please read our FAQs or contact our team today. Happy gardening!