Garden tools are reliable and helpful companions on any green journey. Combining excellent craftsmanship with style and function, our wide range of high-quality garden tools make light work of tough gardening and can’t be found anywhere else. From children to adults, professionals and amateur gardeners, we have something for everyone.

High-quality hand tools

Hand tools are a good first buy for any aspiring gardener and are reliable allies for seasoned ones. We have a wide selection of garden tools to suit any need and budget without compromising in quality — even our most affordable collection is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. 

Say goodbye to playing hide and seek with your garden equipment, our range of fluorescent hand tools are brightly coloured, reflective in moonshine and visible under leaves or other gardening debris. For those who want a more timeless look, our National Trust hand tools are made with traditional manufacturing techniques and feature antique details from yesteryear. Whatever your style preferences or needs, we have the right gardening tool and equipment at The Garden Gate.

Invest in long-handled gardening tools and equipment

Protect your back by eliminating stooping and reaching, use our long-handled gardening tools and equipment. From rakes to weeding hoes and everything in between, our collection of long gardening tools is both aesthetically pleasing and made to last. Most of our range is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, a meaningful acknowledgement of quality. We are so sure that they will withstand the rigours of gardening work for many years that we offer extended warranties on most of our gardening tools. 

Cutting tools for any gardening job

From an orchid snip to a splitting axe, find the cutting tools for all your gardening tasks at The Garden Gate. You only need to try cutting or pruning with the wrong tool once to know what a difference it makes to have the right tool for the job at hand. Tasks that should be enjoyable become challenging and tiring, taking the fun out of gardening. Avoid it by investing today in the right gardening tools and equipment.

Long live your love of gardening

As the years pass, gardening can become too strenuous and physically challenging for many. There is nothing worse than having to give up a hobby because our bodies can’t keep up. We have curated a unique range of mid-handled versions of the most common hand tools so that kneeling or reaching can be minimised, and the joy of tending to your garden can live on. 

Gardening tools for children

Playing around in the garden is a valuable experience for any child. Explore our online collection of garden tools for children and encourage those budding green thumbs. As parents of young gardeners ourselves, we have created a selection of the top gardening items for kids, including The Nation Trust's Get Me Gardening range. From children's spades to aprons and gloves, these sturdy gardening tools come in bright colours and animal prints for long-lasting fun in the yard.

The go-to place to buy garden tools online in Australia

When looking for gardening tools online in Australia, look no further than The Garden Gate. Not only will you be buying long-lasting and high-quality gardening tools, but you’ll also be securing unique and beautiful pieces from a local Australian family business. Browse our collection of gardening tools and equipment today to explore the best range of products in Australia.