Indoor Watering

Taking care of your indoor plants can be just as much work as caring for your garden. While indoor plants are loved for their ability to enhance the aesthetic of any room, reducing stress, increasing creativity and improving productivity, no indoor plant can survive without proper care and the right accessories. For this reason, every plant parent needs one main accessory — an indoor plant watering can!

From plastic and metal watering cans to decorative watering cans, we have a range of options for you here at The Garden Gate. Browse our collection online today and keep your indoor area greener than ever.

Our collection of indoor watering cans

All of our watering cans and jugs are made from high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last. Our watering can range features handcrafted quality products in both metal and plastic, including powder-coated steel. Discover a range of colours, from beautiful copper to hand-painted exclusives.

Whether you prefer watering directly or you enjoy the results of a light mist spray, all of our indoor watering cans and misters are both functional and so well-designed that many of our customers like to have theirs on display in their homes.

When choosing watering cans for our curated collection, our team at The Garden Gate looks at three main components to ensure they are of the best quality, these include:

  • The material used
  • Water capacity
  • Spout design

When it comes to spout design, these are our favourite indoor watering can designs, depending on whether you prefer direct watering or freely poured options:

  • Haws indoor metal pot waterer — This design has a slash cut on the spout, allowing for direct, drip-free watering of your indoor potted plants.
  • Burgon and Ball-Sophie Conran indoor can — This watering can is also our green thumb favourite. Its slender and cut spout has been designed for targeted watering, delivering water to exactly where it’s needed and nowhere else.
  • Haws vintage metal jug — This jug is our season all-rounder — you can freely pour or even use it as a flower display for your freshly cut blooms.

If you’re after something for your children, we also have children’s watering cans perfect for your little helpers to add life to your indoor garden.

And who said watering cans have to be unattractive and bulky? For those looking for a smaller design, our small 0.5L watering can in hand-polished copper is perfect for keeping your interior garden in tip-top condition.

Keep your indoor plants happy and healthy

We know what it’s like to be trapped indoors wishing to go outside and be one with nature. Now, thanks to our indoor watering cans and other accessories, you can lighten and brighten your indoor space. Order online today and receive your indoor plant watering can from The Garden Gate within 2-7 business days.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs, or if you have any specific enquiries about our indoor watering cans or indoor watering accessories, please contact our team today — we’re always here to help.