Whether you are looking at decorating the interior of your house or adding to your outside collection of flowers and plants, we have a beautiful range of garden pots for you at The Garden Gate. From ceramic pots to recycled plastic planters, hanging woven baskets and wooden plant stands, our collection has everything you are looking for.

Garden pots — your new indoor and outdoor best friends

When gardening, pots are your best ally — whether you are an experienced landscaper or a first-time seed grower. Garden pots are easy to move, so you can adjust each plant’s position as they grow and the seasons change. Whether you have little to no outdoor space or a large, well-established garden, pots are ideal for any situation. And for those who love to have flowers on display or add a touch of greenery to every room, we also have indoor pots in a variety of colours and materials. With such a wide range of indoor and outdoor gardening pots available, you're bound to find the right pot for your home at The Garden Gate.

Discover a range of eco-friendly plant pots

At The Garden Gate, we only select and stock the very best gardening products. All our garden pots are aesthetically pleasing, functional, durable and environmentally friendly. While many of our pots are partially made of recycled materials, Ecopots take the cake. A leading European brand, Ecopots pioneered their eco-friendly plant pots over 10 years ago. Their range is made from almost completely recycled material — up to 80% of the pots are made from reused plastic. Designed in Belgium but inspired by Scandinavian minimalistic concepts, their flower pots, plant pots and planters have a clear and minimalistic look that is perfect for both inside and outside.

Versatile and helpful garden pots

A well placed ceramic pot of blooming flowers can bring a pop of colour and light to an otherwise dull and lifeless room. Perfect on your balcony, in your driveway or on your patio in a hanging basket, garden pots are an artistic way to style and incorporate the natural beauty that grows all around us. 

Garden pots can be used for so much more than flowers and decorative plants. Try growing your favourite herbs and conveniently place them on the kitchen windowsill to enrich your cooking. Or plant a few vegetables in wider garden pots set on a plant stand on your balcony — creating your very own veggie garden even if you have limited space.

Maximise space with a plant stand

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of not having enough space. To maximise what you have to work with, go vertical and use plant stands indoor and outdoor — after all, plant stands are not just loved for their look but also their practicality. By using a plant stand, you not only get to neatly display more plants but you can also enjoy seeing them at eye level every day. They are perfect for styling pots as well as keeping the area neat and tidy — making better use of your available space. 

Liven any room with a hanging pot

Indoor hanging pots are another great way to utilise the space in your home. Bring the outside in by creating a beautiful botanical arrangement indoors with a hanging woven basket or stoneware pot. Particularly suited for ferns, petunias and other plants that pour out over the sides of the baskets, a hanging pot is an excellent addition to every room.

Shop our wide range of garden pots in Australia

When shopping for garden pots online, you won’t find a better selection than at The Garden Gate. Practical, beautiful and environmentally friendly, our range has been curated to include only high-quality garden pots in all shapes and sizes. Shop our first-class collection of garden pots, eco-friendly plant pots, ceramic pots, woven baskets, plant stands and vases today to find the perfect piece for your home.