About Us

Andy and Skip of The Garden Gate are keen backyard gardeners. Andy is a chef of over 20 years experience and Skip is a lover of all things that grow, especially those you can eat!

Growing edible and useful plants in our backyard started as a healthy, wholesome hobby for us to share as a family. It has recently evolved into a more serious approach to living more sustainably and independently.
Our commitment to teaching our children the benefits and
skills for growing some of our own food has also strengthened.
Sharing our wins, our fails our knowledge and our experiences in the garden and kitchen, with the community brings us great joy.
When working in our garden or kitchen we appreciate tools that are beautiful, practical and built to last. As we have discovered products that work well and last, we wanted to share them with others.

We are mindful when choosing products to offer in our store that they
are tools you will use daily for many years to come.
At this unprecedented time it more important than ever to find satisfaction in the simple things life offers. During this time of social distancing, gardening and cooking are not cancelled! Whether you are trying your hand at growing a few herbs in pots or converting your entire lawn to a vegetable patch, it is sure to contribute to your wellbeing.

We would love you to share your gardening and cooking adventures in our social media community.