Blackfox|Childrens Gardening Gloves-Pink

Blackfox|Childrens Gardening Gloves-Pink

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Protect your kid's hands with these fun and comfortable gardening gloves!  The back of the glove and the wrist cuff are made of cotton and polyester, allowing hands to breathe.  These children's gardening gloves also have a non-slip coating on the palm for a better grip.  Ideal for small gardening tasks and plant picking.  These cute gloves are part of the ''Foxy'' range with matching boots! 

Available in colours Blue and Pink and sizes 3 and 4. 

Blackfox is a French based company that offer a wide range of high quality, comfortable products that have been designed for outdoor activities in various styles to suit all ages.  Blackfox have chosen to manufacture more than 50% of their products in France and Europe, they also offer boots and shoes made with recyclable, non-PVC material.