Broccoli Purple 100 Seeds Heirloom Vegetable Garden Autumn Winter Spring brocoli

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Broccoli PURPLE 100 Seeds HEIRLOOM vegetable garden autumn winter spring brocoli

BROCCOLI 'Purple Sprouting' - 100 Seeds

An English heirloom variety, bred for overwintering. Produces lots of medium sized purple broccoli heads in the spring. Continues producing tasty side shoots after each pick, plant in autumn, grow through winter for spring harvest, very frost hardy. A great variety that is very hard to find!

Sowing time is Autumn to early Spring in hot climates. Avoid hot times of the year. Prefer sunny position, sow 5mm deep, emerge 7-14 days, best germination at less than 22 °C soil temperature. Harvest from approx. 130 days onwards. Frost hardy.

Propagation notes will be supplied with seed packet.


Our mission is to provide the people with reliable and affordable means to sustain a healthier future. 

It’s a joy of growing your own food, free from any nasty fungicides or pesticides. 

These seeds are not only perfect for newly inspired gardeners, but also essential for home gardeners, gourmet chefs, survivalist, homesteaders and permaculturist.

Our seeds are good to be grown in an outdoor garden patch or bed, back or front yard of your lovely home, pots, planters, containers, balcony, greenhouse, hot house and patio. Additionally, these seeds can be planted all year indoors, in a hydroponic system or aerogarden pods under grow lights or grow tent with an indoor gardening kit.

We do not send seeds to Western Australia and Tasmania in accordance with state bio-security legislation.