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For super-fast weeding in larger areas, you can’t beat Super Slice. This highly-efficient weeding tool takes the performance of the Weed Slice and extends it to bigger spaces. The wide 23.5cm head is perfect for larger borders, veg beds and allotments. It’s also highly effective at weeding in today’s contemporary garden finishes, such as gravel and slate chips.

The wide winged head cuts on both the push and the pull strokes, to get weeding done in half the time. The head moves horizontally just below the surface with minimal soil disturbance, meaning reduced weed germination and better moisture retention in the soil. The horizontal action also means this weeder can be used with weed control membranes.

Hand forged in our Sheffield factory, Super Slice uses hardened and tempered high-carbon steel for exceptional strength and edge retention, and has a long polished FSC®-certified handle to avoid stooping and backache.

Super Slice has a ten-year guarantee for peace of mind.

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