Burgon & Ball-Weed Slice Long Handled

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Weed Slice will revolutionise the way you weed in gravel and borders.

Unlike a traditional hoe, which chops down through the soil, Weed Slice is used just under the surface, where the sweeping curves of the head easily slice through weed roots and tender shoots. This technique minimises soil disturbance and helps the soil retain that all-important moisture. The hardened high-carbon steel head cuts on both the push and the pull strokes, to get weeding done in half the time.

Weed Slice's compact head means it is ideal for getting into all kinds of corners, such as in tightly-packed borders. Weeds have nowhere to hide! Weed Slice is also perfect for weeding gravelled areas, as the horizontal surface action doesn't damage weed-proof membranes below the surface.

The long handled version eliminates stooping and back strain. If, however, you like get a good look at what you're removing and prefer to weed while kneeling, you may be interested in our short handled weed slice.

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