Maxkon 6 Tray Food Dehydrator Digital Commercial Fruit Meat Dryer Beef Maker LED

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Create your own healthy and fresh snacks with this versatile Maxkon food dehydrator! Perfect for making tomato chips, nuts, beef jerky, fruit leather, and more dried food, a food dehydrator is a must-have to let you get the most of dehydrated food. Fitted with 6 drying racks, this modern dehydrator machine offers you an adequate capacity to preserve your food quickly and in large batches. Coupled with a countdown timer up to 19.5 hours, equipped with an adjustable thermostat, this Maxkon fruit/meat/vegetable dehydrator allows drying different foods at proper temperatures (35?-70?), convenient and flexible to use. The quiet drying fan not only dries your food thoroughly and evenly, but also avoids making noise during the drying. It also features a transparent door, making the drying process plain to see. Bring a dehydrator home and upgrade your food dehydrating to a new level.

Note: 3 seconds after you finish setting the temperature & time, the device will start working automatically. Please do not press the Start/Stop button; otherwise, the device will stop all the settings.