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Pastel™ Large Set of Tools - Includes; trowel, hand fork, cultivator, hoe and gardening gloves.   

The Pastel™ Large Set of Tools is the ultimate gardening kit for someone in need of an update or someone who has an eye for design and is just getting started with their love of gardening.  This sleek, on-trend large set of garden care tools include; trowel, hand fork, cultivator, hoe and gardening gloves.  Each Pastel™ tool is made from a durable fibreglass composite, making them light weight and feature ergonomically shaped handles - providing comfort and ease of use when working in the garden.  To assist storage each tool has a hole for easy hanging storage.  The overall construction of these tools make them resistant to mechanical stress and the shape of the tools have no crevices or hard to clean spots - just rinse and go!   

Included in the set is a pair of gardening gloves that are light weight, flexible and are made of a quick-drying polyester covered with latex foam.  The latex foam providing a secure grip and comfort as well as protects against moisture and dirt.  (Gloves are made from 40% polyester and 60% latex).

The Cellfast range of products are designed and manufactured in Polland. 

Large Set of Tools - Dimensions and Weights

Trowel - 28.5cm L x 7.2cm W x 5.9cm H  (Weight 0.097kg)

Hand Fork - 26cm L x 8.2cm W x 4.3cm H  (Weight 0.081kg)

Cultivator - 25.5cm L x 9cm W x 7.8cm H  (Weight 0.099kg)

Hoe - 30.8cm L x 19.7cm W x 8.5cm H  (Weight 0.178kg)

Gardening Gloves  - One Size