Plant Climbing Net Trellis Design

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Strong support for pole green beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, bitter melon, cukes, mini watermelons, cantaloupes, blackberry, herbs, using the plant trellis netting to avoid a ground contact, making them less prone to disease.
Save tons of garden space, when your apartment porch does not allow metal trellis, try plant trellis netting.
It can be used in windows or walls. The four corners can be fixed and designed for convenient installation. It can be reused and beautiful.
Ideal for plant vines, vegetables, fruits, flowers, gourd vine, honeysuckle, cucumber, etc.

Features: Plant Climbing Net, Trellis Design, Space Saving
S Size: 0.9m x 1.8m/35.43" x 70.87" (Approx.)
M Size: 1.8m x 1.8m/70.87" x 70.87" (Approx.)
L Size: 1.8m x 2.7m/70.87" x 106.3" (Approx.)
XL Size: 1.8m x 3.6m/70.87" x 141.73" (Approx.)